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My name is Mischa Breidinger I am the owner of

Westside Watches in the Westside of Karlsruhe.

I discovered my love for luxury watches in 1991.

It was a Breitling Navitimer 1806 that I saw in the window of the

renowned jeweler Burscheid in Cologne.

That's exactly what it should be and thanks to my grandmother,

who helped me financially, I bought my first real luxury watch.

After that I fell in love countless times with different watch models

from Audemars Piguet, HEUER, Breitling, OMEGA and Rolex.

But as quickly as you fall in love, love flies away, and so the watches came and went at

regular intervals and in the end only a few stayed.

Love became a hobby, hobby became a vocation and vocation gave rise to the desire to work professionally with watches. So, after many years of being an employee, I decided to open my own small watch shop in Karlsruhe.

Today, 32 years after I bought my first luxury watch, I know one thing:

Trust is by far the most important thing when buying a watch. I am happy to share my experiences with you and tell you exactly what you should do or better not do.

So just talk to me - I'll be happy to talk to you in "Kölsch", "Badisch" and, if necessary, also in "Tacheles".

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